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Quick Hits: Too Many Links Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Booth Relishing Hometown Flourish To Career | Ted Kulfan, The Detroit News

I think Ted is probably confusing the word ‘flourish’ with ‘finish’ here, but it’s still a decent feel-good shine-piece on a signing we probably didn’t need to make. At least Booth seems to be enjoying the team, even if fans aren’t.

BONUS! Registration Open For Little Caesars Arena’s Paint The Ice Event | Dane Sager Kelly,

For those of you in the Detroit area, come celebrate the Red Wings’ wildly successful 1st season at LCA! Make your mark on the ice to commemorate the team’s on-ice success... no wait, thats not quite right... the player milestones of the season... no, wasn’t much of that either... a season of unparalleled attendance... bah, all those empty red seats... I guess just show up and pretend like it’s been a good first year? Extra credit to anyone who goes and shamelessly plugs this site with their ice-painting.

Around The League

So, I found more than a few good pieces in my search last night. Read what you want, but all of these are worth your time in my opinion.

7 Teams That Don’t Deserve Dahlin | Jacob Messing, The Hockey Writers

Bonus points to Mr. Messing for being supremeley fair in his criticisms of the teams listed here. He doesn’t go so far as to tell you who he thinks does deserve Dahlin, but the objections behind these 7 squads seem well reasoned and definitely earned.

Which NHL Teams Will Make A Coaching Change After The Season? | Sean Leahy, NBC Sports

This is more of a “who’s in the hot-seat” than a predictor of which management groups are likely to pull the trigger. Given that, it’s still an entertaining few minutes of your time to hear how our coach wasn’t the only one who was less than good this season.

Detroit On Women’s Hockey League’s Expansion Radar | Gregg Krupa, The Detroit News

While not specifically related to the Wings, Olympia Entertainment has apparently been involved with the NWHL a bit and several NHL clubs have relationships with NWHL teams. While nothing is official yet, and several cities are listed as expansion possibilities, it’s fun to speculate about something other than a soccer team coming to Detroit (nothing against the “beautiful game”, just nice to break up the expansion monotony with another sport). Come to think of it, how is it that Hockeytown doesn’t already have a professional women’s team?