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Quick Hits: Guess Who’s Back Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Krupa: Blashill Has Been Red Wings’ Rock Amid Decline | Gregg Krupa, The Detroit News

With one season left on his contract, Blashill is expected to return next season as bench-boss for the Wings. But with some of the stats Krupa lists, like finishing in the bottom third in PP and PK effectiveness, maybe some other members of the coaching staff shouldn’t be. I guess there’s still an argument to be made on if the issues are player related vs personnel related...

Around The League

The Best Tie-Breaker For The NHL? A Game 83 | Larry Brooks, New York Post

A few days ago, the NHL publicly floated the idea of a Game 83 for the Flyers and Panthers if they tied their points and tie-breakers. Brooks is a fan of the idea, but also has suggestions to prevent getting to that point in the first place. He also tackles a few other issues to close out the season in what feels like a somewhat disjointed stream-of-conciousness fashion, so stick with the rest of the piece for some additional end-of-season content.