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The Grumpy Fan Post: Red Wings Swear Jar

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images

I want to start off by thanking everybody in the WIIM Community for helping us keep finding the fun in what was another challenging season for our favorite squad. As the Red Wings continue to struggle through a host of issues that have led them down the path of decline from their last cup victory in 2008 to what is hopefully their organizational nadir, the passion and dedication of those who have stuck it out has made for one heck of a support group in light of our favorite hobby.

As you know though, sometimes finding the fun has been more challenging than at other times, and everybody finds theirs in their own way. For some, that fun has been in venting about the frustrations caused by various organizational missteps and/or misfortunes... sometimes AT LENGTH.

As such, we’ve had a few discussions in the comments about how the differences in the optimists, the pessimists, the “realists”, the lovers, the dreamers, the jokers, the tokers, and even the midnight smokers can intersect and how hard it can be to respect the need to not be the fan-police while also sharing that sometimes the negativity can be a real drag.

With that in mind, we got a brilliant idea from where else but the community, as MMSR suggested a wonderful idea for how to solve this. I’ll let him take it from here:

I challenge you to think of a way to do something to celebrate “grumpy fan day” once in a while until the Wings are back in contention. The only rule should be to continue respecting each other, with no personal attacks or statements that divide us into winners and losers. I’m not sure I’m making any sense but wanted to say something. It seems like the kind of thing where the GIF-plasterers could really shine. But the point is to sequester the anger; turn it into a pimple we all can pop. OK, that was gross. Sorry.

So there you have it. You’ve got carte blanche to let it all out. Go ahead and get that frustration out however you see fit (as long as you don’t see fit to attack others). This is your space for grumpiness. Use it well!