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Quick Hits: The Tavares Temptation Edition

Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Students from Detroit Public Schools Community District get big surprise | Detroit Red Wings

Love it. Very cool of the Red Wings to do this.

Around the League

Down Goes Brown: John Tavares sweepstakes power rankings | Sportsnet

The Red Wings make an appearance in one of Sean McIndoe’s set of power rankings. Would I like to have John Tavares in Detroit? Of course! He’s a fantastic hockey player and would without question make the Wings a better team.

With that said, we all know it isn’t going to happen. Whether it be cap space or roster talent or likelihood of winning a Stanley Cup... Detroit isn’t the place for him to succeed right now. It’s probably fair to say that after years of mediocrity with the Islanders, he wants to win now.

I’m all for the crazy scenario where the Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup this season and then they trade for Erik Karlsson and sign Tavares. Let’s get wild. I want to see the first NHL super team since the 2002 Red Wings.

Who is the X factor for Capitals-Lightning Game 7? Which team will win? | ESPN

Alex Ovechkin is the X factor. He scores. Capitals beat the Lightning 4-2.