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Quick Hits: The NHL Scouting Combine Edition

NHL Combine Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Holland: Combine allows Wings to ‘paint a picture’ | Detroit News

We’re about a month away from the NHL Draft and the Red Wings will be headed to Buffalo for the annual scouting combine. Ken Holland & co. will get to interview top prospects there starting this Sunday.

“You want to see how they handle that type of situation, how they answer the questions,” Holland said. “It’s not a lot of time, but you get an idea of who they are.”

The Wings’ representatives will also take prospective draft picks to dinner each night, getting to know the players in an informal environment.

By the end of the week, the Wings and other teams are likely to have interviewed about 60 prospects.

“I would say by the end (of the combine) there will be names moving up and down our final list,” Holland said.

I think the interviews with the prospects might be more important than the actual physical testing that’s done. Of course you want to draft a kid with the best physical tools, but if he’s lazy or has a poor attitude or something like that, his personality might hold him back. This week will definitely have a huge impact on the Wings draft board and that’s important because Holland really needs to hit it big on #6.

Around the League

2018 NHL trade candidates: 24 players who could get dealt this summer | Sportsnet

There are zero Red Wings on this list, but I think Gustav Nyquist is a candidate to be traded at or around the time of the NHL Draft.