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Quick Hits: The Johan Franzen Edition

Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders

In Red Wings Land

Ex-Detroit Red Wing Tomas Tatar finally enjoys Vegas’ Stanley Cup run | Freep

If the Golden Knights do win it all, I really hope Tomas Tatar gets to play in at least one game and earns the right to have his named on the Stanley Cup

An emotional week | Franzen Residence

For those of you wondering how Johan Franzen is doing these days, his wife posted an update on her blog. Like her title says, it’s a bit of an emotional post. Franzen is still dealing with post-concussion syndrome and getting some help out in Colorado.

Around the League

Weekly Reader: Ranking the best Stanley Cup losers of the past 20 years | ESPN

The 2009 Red Wings come in at #2 on the list. The #1 loser is the 2000 Dallas Stars. I think the Wings could beat them in a best-of-seven series.