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Quick Hits: The I’m-a-da-freakin’ Pope Edition

David Pope Nebraska Omaha Mavericks

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings close to deal with prospect David Pope -
Pope was a bit of a worry-point as the college late-bloomer finished his NCAA run and would be eligible for free agency if not signed by August. He really came on of late and looks to be a pretty decent prospect who should be competing for a real look come this training camp.

Around the League

Brad Marchand licked an opponent. Again. He needs to be suspended. - Outsports
This take on Marchand and the licking incident brings up that Marchand has previously outright admitted that there's an element of using weaponized homophobia as part of his attempt to bother other players with his licking antics and says the suspension is a must, as it's extra-disappointing coming from the Bruins' LGBTQ ambassador. I get that it's possible the two aren't related, but that's extremely hard to argue given Marchand's past comments on the matter.