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Listen to Fer Sure - Episode 22: Sie Morley

Peter and Jay take you around the NHL and beyond.

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Here’s what Peter and Jay have for you this time (all time locations are without the opening ad):

Wilson/Marchand/Smith: (00:00 - 35:55) We start off by talking a little about three incidents that have happened in the NHL and junior hockey

Interview: (35:55 - 1:14:50) We talk to Sie Morley, the managing editor of Fear the Fin.

Playoffs: (1:14:50 - 1:28:50) Let’s take a look around the league at the playoff series as they stand at the time of recording. Plus Peter finally gets to do his Bane impression (which is pretty much one of the easiest impressions ever).

Bill Torrey: (1:28:50 - END) Rather than our traditional ending, we close out with a eulogy for Bill Torrey.

Look for Episode 22 in your podcast feeds and this website Monday morning. If you are using a podcast app, you can find both this podcast and WIIM Radio (our podcast devoted to the Red Wings) in the same channel - Winging it in Motown.

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