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Quick Hits: The Draft Debate Edition

NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Niyo: Wings brass brace for heated draft debate | Detroit News

Defensemen? Forwards? What will Detroit do with their top four picks?

Red Wings Director of Amateur Scouting, Tyler Wright, pulls back the curtain a bit and discusses what goes into the decision-make process and setting up the draft board.

“We debate everything,” said Wright, who joined the Wings organization in July 2013 after spending six years prior to that with the Columbus.

“It’ll be respectful, but these meetings can get heated at times, which I enjoy. I like it. I encourage it, actually.”

I dig that. It’s good to have different voices and opinions in the room. This is such an important draft for the Red Wings and could provide the key building blocks to getting this franchise back to glory. It’s cool to read that everyone — including Ken Holland — realizes how crucial this draft is and has been out on the road putting in the work.

Around the League

Down Goes Brown: Hopeful thoughts for NHL’s non-playoff teams | Sportsnet

Detroit Red Wings

The issue: The core is old and locked into long-term contracts. But they can’t do a full rebuild, partly because management doesn’t want to and partly because they’re never bad enough to end up with a top draft pick.

The article lists all the non-playoff team’s issues and then compares the situations to teams that made the playoffs as a way to provide hope. The current playoff team that Detroit is supposed to look at as an example of how to overcome their issue does not instill much confidence in me. Nope. No thank you.