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Quick Hits: The How-Come-Everybody-Wanna-Keep-It-Like-DeKeyser Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings will lean on Danny DeKeyser in young defense group - The Detroit News
Kulfan with a writeup on how Jeff Blashill believes DeKeyser was "excellent" in the second half of the season and how he will likely be leaned on heavily come 2018-19. With his deal as-is, the Wings don't really have much of an option, but they badly need somebody above him on the depth chart to stabilize his usage to better fit both his pay and his abilities (which I maintain are both pretty well in-line with one another). DK's also got the whole "company line thing down too" -

Despite missing the playoffs the past two seasons, DeKesyer believes the Wings aren’t far from the playoffs.

“In today’s game there’s not a whole lot difference,” said DeKeyser, of playoff and non-playoff teams. “If you swing some of those one-goal games and score a few extra goals here or there, get your special teams working a little bit better, it can make a big difference.”

Around the League

Stanley Cup: Capitals show they can beat Knights after Evgeny Kuznetsov injury -
The Capitals showed they could win a road playoff game without one of their best forwards and yeah I guess there's no reason to believe they can't win three more before losing three more. Wonder how many more Brooks Orpik goals they can count on the rest of the way out though?


Don Cherry’s favorite ‘sandwich’ is a nauseating salmon concoction -
The only way this sandwich could be more-disgusting or more-Canadian is if it had maple syrup on it.