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Listen to Fer Sure - Episode 25: Nick Mercadante

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Peter and Jay take you around the NHL and beyond

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Here’s what Peter and Jay have for you this time (all time locations are without the opening ad):

Stanley Cup Final: (00:00 - 20:34) Ovechkin and company knocked out the Vegas Golden Knights in 5 games. We talk about the last game and why we are happy for Ovechkin (and others).

Interview: (20:34 - 56:47) We talk to Nick Mercadante about Fleury in the Final, the Red Wings backup situation, and a lot more, including his iconic Twitter profile photo (the picture used for this article)

Draft: (56:47 - 1:06:26 We got some mailbag questions about the entry draft, so we spent a little time talking about it in general and a little about the Red Wings specifically. If you want a more in-depth discussion of the Detroit view of the draft, listen to the latest edition of WiiM Radio.

Shakeup on Long Island (1:06:26 - End) Lou is in. Snow and Weight are out. What does this mean for the Islanders and John Tavares? Also, a mailbag question that goes in an unanticipated direction. Then we have our traditional episode closing.

Look for Episode 25 in your podcast feeds and this website Monday morning. If you are using a podcast app, you can find both this podcast and WIIM Radio (our podcast devoted to the Red Wings) in the same channel - Winging it in Motown.

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