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Quick Hits: The John Carlson Edition

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2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Mike Green weighing offers from Detroit Red Wings | MLive

If Green doesn’t re-sign, the Red Wings could look to free agency. They’re interested in John Carlson, who is by far the top defenseman expected to hit the market. He’s 28, shoots right and collected 15 goals and 53 assists for the Washington Capitals. But it’s hard to imagine he would go from a Stanley Cup champion to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs the past two seasons.

No thanks.

He’s a good player and would absolutely make the Red Wings a better hockey team, but he’s likely going to get a 7-year-deal for way too much money.

Around the League

How often are top 10 NHL Draft picks traded in June? | Sportsnet

Detroit has been the subject of plenty of rumors about both trading up and trading down in the NHL Draft. So just what do recent trades involving top 10 picks look like? And how many were successes and failures? Sportsnet has the answers.