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Quick Hits: The Everybody Is Coming to Dinner Edition

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The Salvation Army Hosts Its Annual Feast Of Sharing Day Before Thanksgiving Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings draft target Evan Bouchard wants to play NHL in '18 - Detroit Free Press
Of course a kid projected that high is going to say it, but I do like this tidbit from the article to file under "at least it's interesting"

Bouchard was one of 80 players interviewed by the Detroit Red Wings over the past few days, and among 50 or so they also took to dinner.

That’s a lot of dinner...

DRAFT SNAPSHOTS: Rasmus Dahlin says he’s ready to play in NHL | Ottawa Sun
Garrioch is heavily speculating here, but there's a Wings-related tidbit in an article about other stuff:

There’s plenty of talk about the teams trying to move up in the draft and one of those could be the Detroit Red Wings. There’s speculation here that the Wings would like to move into the top three from the No. 6 position and may be dangling the first-round selection the club obtained from the Vegas Golden Knights at the deadline. Should be interesting to watch because the Carolina Hurricanes have already declared they’re willing to listen …

Around the League

Senators exec accused of touching, lewd comments to driver - The Washington Post
Ottawa Senators assistant general manager Randy Lee is accused of inappropriately touching and making lewd comments toward a hotel shuttle driver while in Buffalo for the NHL’s scouting combine. This is awful and the Senators' official statement downplaying it is also bad