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WIIM Poll Results: Your Picks at #6

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We asked you who you would take at #6, and with the draft just a few days away, here’s the consensus on who Detroit fans want to see wearing the winged wheel

NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

No beating around the bush, let’s get right to it. Here are the results from our poll asking who you would take with the Red Wings 6th overall pick.

Well it’s down to a two-man race. Like 43% of you, my preferred pick is also Evan Bouchard. It’s not that I don’t like Quinn Hughes, but the fact Bouchard has an offensive game, like Hughes, and is also already better defensively is why I like him more. Regardless, 79% of you agreed it’s down to those two, and that I can’t argue.

As far as other noticeable numbers from the poll, only 5% for Noah Dobson kind of surprised me. I’m going off the assumption that many people assume he won’t be there at #6, because if he is there, I’m almost more intrigued to take him over Bouchard and Hughes. I think Dobson is the 2nd best defensive prospect in this draft, and his game is similar to that of Bouchard’s. Regardless of who is there and who is taken, doesn’t everyone agree that we can feel better about discussing this knowing there is a plethora of defensive talent that should be there at #6?

Now on to the two forwards that were on the list. Only 7% of people wanted to select either Kotkaniemi or Wahlstrom and I am glad to see that. I feel this is the case with most Wings fans, that the defense has to be priority #1. Ever since Lidstrom retired, it’s been all downhill. With 4 picks in the first 36, the Wings are much better off addressing the forward depth in the 2nd round when there isn’t a ton of potentially elite defenseman sitting there for them to take.

We’ve done all we can do Wings fans. Now we all have to sit, wait and pray that Ken Holland finally gets things right.

The first round of the NHL Entry Draft will be shown on NBCSN Friday June 22nd at 7:30pm EST. You can also stream on the NBC Sports App.