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Quick Hits: The Draft Day Edition

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2018 NHL Draft - Top Prospects Media Availability Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings ‘have to get it right’ in draft crucial to rebuild | Freep

Yup. This draft could very well decide the fate and direction of the Red Wings organization the next few years.

Thank goodness that the draft is finally here. I’m super pumped for round one to begin tonight. I’m tired of reading draft previews and looking forward to reading a million draft recaps. Let’s freakin’ go.

Around the League

NHL draft predictions: Who could be traded, wild cards, more | ESPN

My prediction: The Red Wings end up with Evan Bouchard.

2018 NHL Mock Draft: A fascinating, highly skilled first round | Sportsnet

Sportsnet’s prediction: The Red Wings end up with Brady Tkachuk