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2018 NHL Draft Day Two: Red Wings hold a handful of picks after successful 1st round

2018 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After a successful 1st round, the Red Wings are set for another big day on day two fo the 2018 NHL Draft. Today, we’ll see rounds 2-7, which means the Wings can afford to get creative. If you missed the 1st round, here's a quick recap for you:

Red Wings take Filip Zadina at 6th overall
The Red Wings saw a top-5 talent fall into their laps. Zadina is a two-way winger with elite skating and a lethal shot. You should be excited for this kid.. Especially his swagger.

Red Wings take Joe Veleno at 30th overall
Joey V was thought to be a top-10 talent.. This two-way center found himself brought into the Quebec league at a tender age, where he found great success. Many scouting bureaus had him locked in the top-15. A big get for the Red Wings.

Not a bad day for Ken Holland
We’ve given him a lot of heat, and for a good reason. Holland and his staff pulled off a simple 1st round. They didn’t try to outthink everyone, they let everyone outthink them.

2nd-7th round broadcast: NHL Network (USA), Sportsnet & TVAS (Canada)
Online stream: NBCSN Live,

We’ll talk about the next two picks for the Red Wings.. They pick at 33rd and 36th overall in the 2nd round. So, basically, they have two early picks. With the 33rd pick, they’ll have their pick at two great talents in defenseman Bode Wilde, and forward Ryan McLeod.

Outside of that, the list opens up. If Ken Holland keeps one of his 2nd round picks, he can get creative. There are a lot of possibilities, but I’d like to see him take a defenseman early in the 2nd round. As noted in our articles previously linked above, Kenny knows he needs to address defense.. So we’ll see what he and his scouts have tucked in their sleeves.

Here’s the list of Red Wings picks ahead of us today:

2nd rd (33rd)
2nd rd (36th)
3rd rd (67th)
3rd rd (81st)
3rd rd (84th)
4th rd (98th)
6th rd (159th)
6th rd (160th)
7th rd (191st)

Stay with us today, we’ve got you covered from round 2 to round 7. All picks, all trades that the Red Wings make, we’ll dig into what it means and how it impacts the organization.