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WIIM Radio Addendum: Lost Reader Questions Edition

So, the audio for the reader questions segment didn’t record, so here’s the next best thing.

Swansea City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

We had an audio recording mishap during the reader questions segment for today’s WIIM Radio podcast. The good news is that we know what happened. The bad news is that it wasn’t fixable.

So rather than just have no reader question segment, we are going to summarize our answers to your questions as best we can. Without further ado, here we go!

I know Zadinas NHL readiness will be covered. I’m curious where Zadina plays if he doesn’t make the red wings out of camp. I know he isn’t eligible for AHL but it doesn’t seem like he has much to gain from playing in the Q. Could he play in the SHL or KHL? Or is it NHL/QMJHL only? - from NHLrick

It’s technically possible for him to play overseas, but it’s highly unlikely. He should get at least a 9 game look with Detroit before the team decides whether to keep him or send him back to junior. We think that he’ll get every chance to make the Red Wings for the season, but if he’s not ready, there’s no reason to rush him.

As the Draft Joy & Wonder calms

1. What are realistic timelines of our first and 2nd rounders from last year and this year wearing a winged wheel for the upcoming season?

2. With the pending X buyout what other moves will the Wings have to make to clear the way for our high end prospects and D-men AHL’ers to be in the NHL on more than a 9 game visit/injury call up? Who has to go? - Elf1963

  1. Rasmussen has a very good chance of being in the NHL this season. We mentioned Zadina above. Those are likely the only two from the last two years, although you never know what will happen in training camp. J.J. put Zadina at about 50/50 (Kyle said 60/40) for making the team and we think Rasmussen’s chances are even better. Gustav Lindstrom, Joe Veleno, Jared McIsaac, and Jonatan Berggren should all be considered long shots to play meaningful time with the Wings in 2018-19.
  2. You are already starting to see moves being made. Ouellet was put on waivers for buyout yesterday, and as we were recording, news broke that Russo was being traded to Arizona for a 7th round pick. Other moves could follow, but we’ll have to see.


What’s Veleno’s trajectory from here? Assuming Holland is actually able to move some veterans out, when will we see him in a Wings jersey? - Jimmy Hoffa’s Ghost

We discussed this earlier in the episode. He’s almost certainly back to juniors for the next year and still extremely likely to be back for a follow-on unless he absolutely wows.

In your opinion

What day 2 red wings pick has the best chance at being a huge success in the NHL? (or do you think there are any at all?) - Timmy_Timmons

We all said Berggren, who should be a solid player, but has the upside of being a very good NHL player. It’s kind of a cop-out answer, but he was the Wings’ very first pick on day 2 of the draft, so it makes sense he’s got the best chances.

Mrazek isn’t getting a QO from Philly, so he will be a FA...

Wings need a backup goalie. Do they offer him a contract? - Billy Biceps

Peter and Kyle answered “No!” before JJ finished asking the question.

Not so fast Kenny

What is the one thing Ken Holland can do during the free agency period that can reverse all the positive moves he has made since the trade deadline? - ASmith55

Sign someone like Jack Johnson. During the recording, Aaron Portzline tweeted that Detroit was one of several teams connected to Johnson. Keep in mind we hear things like this all the time that don’t come to fruition, but doing something like this would destroy a lot of the goodwill that Ken Holland has built in the recent past. Signing Jack Johnson AND Mike Green would even further crush us.

On a scale of 1 to 10

How many wins will the Ottawa Senators have next season? - Wing Nut

A replacement level team (a hypothetical team made up of replacement level players) has been estimated to earn about 52 points. Peter thinks it’ll be interesting to see if Ottawa can earn more points than that, especially assuming Karlsson is traded. J.J. discussed being torn about Ottawa still owing Colorado their first-rounder next year and secretly wanting the Senators to make the playoffs because of that, despite being a tire-fire of a team.

Not picking someone because of “character issues”

How do you guys (and gals) feel about not drafting someone because of character issues. On the one hand, you don’t want to mess up locker room chemistry. On the other, if you draft someone you should help “take them under your wing” and teach them not to be a dumb ass.

I think it was Steve Dangle who recently said something like “If they have character issues in 2-4 years after you have been grooming them that whole time, isn’t it kinda your fault” (quoting from memory so I could have that totally wrong). - Wing Nut

Peter and J.J. vocally disagreed with the quote at the end of this question. Peter said that it would have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There are different things that get tied into “character issues,” and each case is different.

J.J. went on a longwinded rant (surprise!) about how if we can’t even guess for certain that a kid who is a bit skinny at 18 will be able to fill out, we definitely can’t responsibly say we know a kid will grow out of attitude/personality issues as well. Some folks you just can’t reach and it’s kind of a crapshoot knowing. It shouldn’t be the end-all consideration over everything else, but character red flags shouldn’t be ignored either.

Why Didn’t We Trade For Dougie Hamilton?

Can you dissect the Dougie Hamilton trade in terms of why Carolina was able to trade for him and the Wings couldn’t. Hamilton is a 25 year old very talented huge defenseman which is exactly what we need. Carolina gave up Hamilton plus Michael Ferland (solid mix six forward) and a great young player in Adam Fox to acquire two high end young players in Noah Hanifin and Elias Lindholm. Seems like we could have easily bettered Carolina’s offer and acquired Hamilton. Why didn’t we offer something like AA, Nyquist, and a 2nd round pick for Hamilton? I’m excited about the players the Wings drafted this weekend, but we desperately need a defenseman like Hamilton. - Sugar Mouse

The short version is because this sentence is wrong: “Seems like we could have easily bettered Carolina’s offer and acquired Hamilton.”

Noah Hanifin is a player who is expected to be a very good defenseman and who could end up being better than that. Elias Lindholm is going to slot in on Calgary’s first line, with Sean Monahan and Johhny Gaudreau. AA, Nyquist, and a 2nd is not close to the same value.

For right now, Carolina has the better of this deal, especially if Adam Fox reaches his potential. But we couldn’t have taken either side of this deal. AA + Nyquist + a 2nd is basically an EA trade that ignores a lot of context.

Q1: I’m fine with how the RWs did in the draft but,

if any of the 4D that were available to us turn out to be a #1D, will you wish we had gone for a D. I am still OK with how things turned out. Even if we did perhaps we would have picked the wrong one of the 4. - ENSRW

Hindsight is always 20/20. You can’t think that way, or you’ll go crazy. You can only make the best choice at the time, which we did.

Who would be the top defensive prospects or pro’s

we could realistically target via player trades or draft pics or both?
Not immediately, but young enough players to specifically help us in the rebuild.
Could a good D or two acquired help us not to suck this year?
Or do we want to be sucky so we can pick high in the ’19 draft. - Plant Down Babylon

Peter talked about how he believes there is a very good chance that Edmonton sells low on Oscar Klefbom. He had a poor season last year, but word is that he was injured for a lot of the season. Edmonton decided not to shut him down even when the team was far out of a playoff berth, but kept him in the lineup to showcase for a trade, which makes no sense.

The obvious question is if we have something that Peter Chiarelli wants. If we do, it could be a great opportunity to get a good piece at a discount.

JJ brought up Justin Faulk, whose name is now again making the rounds in trade rumors. AA for Faulk has been floated in the past, and that might be revisited now that Carolina has more RHD than they need. He also thinks that the trade window for Jacob Trouba is completely closed now that Winnipeg is good again.

Screw, marry, kill

Out of Svechnikov, Rasmussen, and Zadina who gets which?

Gotta make room in the lineup somehow right? - RawrPawr

Kyle and Peter had the same answer, which was marry Zadina, screw Rasmussen, and kill (although both wanted to change it to something less final) Svechnikov. JJ said that is the only acceptable response, so we are all in agreement.

later round gems

is there a lot of commonality between players drafted let’s say from the later first round on (pick 20 and beyond) that go on to become elite players – such as pastrnak, Marchand, kuznetzov, kucherov etc….. did they project as high cieling guys?? we’re they able to turn average or above average qualities into elite qualities just by training and coaching? and could we have any guys like this in our pipeline? - joe casino

Kyle talked about how coaching and development plays a key role, but there’s not one overarching thing you can look at.

Peter said he is interested to see what becomes of a seeming trend where players either start playing high level hockey later in their youth or change positions later in development. K’Andre Miller has only paid defense for 2 seasons. It seems that would help him offensively, but at what cost?

J.J. discussed that market inefficiencies in drafting have largely closed up and if you want to go hindsight on those later picks who worked out, then you also have to look heavily into why the ones who didn’t weren’t able to reach that. It’s not exactly a crapshoot, but if you can find the secret formula for drafting later picks that turns them into steals then you should absolutely not share it; GMs will pay you mountains of gold for such an elixir.

I heard a couple things about the draft recently

1. That Veleno is projected at about the same level as Rasmussen.
2. That if Zadina were in last years draft class, he would have went first overall.
Do you think either of these statements are valid? - Drumbum87

Both of these statements sound at least reasonable.

Again, apologies for not having this segment in the podcast, but hopefully this will make up for it. Thanks for listening and reading!