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Quick Hits: The Zetterberg Health Edition

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NHL: New York Islanders at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Custance: Lehner visits Detroit as Red Wings’ free agency plan takes shape | The Athletic Detroit ($ paywalled $)

The title says Lehner, but that’s not the biggest talking point of the article.

An NHL source confirmed that the Red Wings have spoken with the Valtteri Filppula camp on the possibility of a return to Detroit.

Filppula back in Detroit? Okay, that’s cool if it’s a cheap one-year-deal, but with all the kids battling for roster spots, why bring in another old player?

According to multiple sources, the organization is prepared for the possibility that captain Henrik Zetterberg doesn’t return this coming season. Zetterberg gave every indication on locker cleanout day that he would be back if his body would allow.


That’s something.

It would definitely be a bummer and quite a blow for the Red Wings to lose Zetterberg. I guess it’s a good thing the organization is being a bit proactive and possibly covering their bases just in case the captain of the team can’t return, but man, it would be hard to fill his skates.

Around the League

Just how good is Justin Faulk? | TSN

Is he good enough to trade for? Because now that the Hurricanes have Dougie Hamilton, maybe they can spare a defenseman? I think I’d rather trade for a 26-year-old Faulk than overpay for someone like Jack Johnson or bring back Mike Green for too many years and too much money.