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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Decade Flew By Edition

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One Of the Greatest British Stamp Collections Is Set To Be Auctioned At Sothebys Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Welcome to our newest WIIM Radio mailbag! We’l be recording our latest episode tonight with the plan to post mid-morning on Thursday. As we prep for the potential end of the Cup Final series, we’ll be talking all things Wings and beyond... including the realization that it’s been a decade since our Red Wings last lifted the Cup. Here’s a quick rundown of topics:

The Wings of Late - Todd Nelson is out in Grand Rapids and Ben Simon is in; the diggers are convinced the Wings are going to move up, stand pat, and even drop back in the draft; we have coverage of the combine and will pore over the options again;

The Cup Final - Washington will be looking to finish off the Knights when the series resumes in Vegas on Thursday. What have we learned about these teams, the media narrative(s), and our own rooting interests during this series.

The Concussion Issue - Pete and Jay talked about this on the latest episode of Fer Sure and I want to kind of pick up on it and rant for a minute.

Positivity Corner - Your favorite part of the episode, where we remind you that life is beautiful and sweet.

Reader Questions - Your REAL favorite part, where you grill us with the best questions and we dazzle you with the smartest answers. It’s just a great segment all the time.

Get your questions into the comments prior to tonight and look forward to the new episode out tomorrow. Thanks and LGRW!