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Quick Hits: The Great Unknown Edition

Detroit Red WIngs v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Blashill Speaks To The “Unknown” Surrounding Zetterberg’s Return | 97.1 The Ticket

“There’s some unknown with that,” Jeff Blashill told NHL Tonight on Thursday. “If people saw what he went through (last season) in order to play, they would expect him not to play. He didn’t practice the whole second half of the season. He just played games because he couldn’t get his back to be able to go through the rigors of everyday.

”So, we’ll see. I know that myself, Ken Holland and a whole bunch of players are hoping that he’s able to get us another year with his back, but ultimately we’ll see come training camp where his health is at. He’s got lots of fire, so I know if he can play he will play because he’s got that kind of competitiveness.”

Welp... that’s doesn’t sound ideal for Henrik Zetterberg or the Red Wings.

Around the League

DGB Grab Bag: Boston’s Self Own, Summer of Ovi Rages On, and No Sign and Trades | Vice Sports

haha stupid Boston

(Also, this article discusses the greatest goal in Bobby Ryan’s career)