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Quick Hits: The “They Went to Jared” Edition

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2018 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In Detroit Land

Red Wings prospect Jared McIsaac a mobile, physical defender |

Grand Rapids Griffins coach Ben Simon, who was putting 40 or so prospects through the paces at the Belfor Training Center inside Little Caesars Arena, was impressed.

"Some guys have trouble doing that and it's tough, not just physically with your feet but mentally just to remember this stuff," Simon said. "That was one thing you notice with him, phenomenal footwork. He did a great job with his mobility.

"He does a lot of good things. He's put together well as a hockey player. I think his feet are one of his biggest attributes."

Ansar Khan has a nice look at Jared McIsaac, Detroit’s first defenseman drafted in 2018.

Around the NHL

NHL - Stacking up how all 31 teams improved (or didn't) in free agency

Here's a look at the teams that improved the most since the end of the season, the ones who stood pat and the ones that seriously just want the calendar to flip to next summer.

Wysh pretty much nails us as a team who is moving in place this season (most likely). But, he also writes about the 30 other teams, and that’s always good fodder for discussions.

Bonus Article (Paywall)

Custance: Straw poll of NHL GMs suggests offer sheet drought will continue – The Athletic

“It’s seldom known but Ryan O’Reilly was getting two offer sheets on the day he signed with Calgary,” Morris told The Athletic on Tuesday.

Of course, that raises a huge question.

“You’ll never know the other team,” Morris answered.

This is a really great article from Craig on a topic that frequently comes up. There is a fantastic quote from an agent, but I will let readers experience it in context.