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Quick Hits: The Front Office Rebuild Edition

2011 NHL Entry Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings rebuild must account for lost management, scouts - The Detroit News
Gregg Krupa looks at the Wings from the perspective of office talent lost beyond just Yzerman and Nill, who are running their own teams now. Detroit has to rebuild more than just the on-ice product and needs to find a way to make that happen right too.

Detroit Red Wings mailbag: What is biggest post-draft need? - Detroit Free Press
Helene's turn to run a mailbag and she's got opinions on Larkin and AA:

The Wings are working on a long-term extension for Larkin — they’d prefer five years, but may have to go to six.

Ok, make it happen.

Regarding the second question, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Wings trade Athanasiou in exchange for a high draft pick/prospect. His skill and speed should hold appeal (especially if he gets hot for a stretch) and yield a good return.

Ok, make that happen too.

Around the League

Legally Speaking: Why State Income Tax Doesn’t Matter to Free Agents - On the Forecheck

Our Nashville site takes a look at the hot topic of how much benefit players really see from going to places with no state income tax. It’s not as big a deal as it seems, but I also think it’s a slightly bigger deal than this post makes it. Half a season in a place with no state tax does make a difference, even if you’re paying various rates for the other 41 games.