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Quick Hits: The Let’s-Call-It-a-ReGrow? Edition

National Geographic’s Further Front Event In New York City - Red Carpet Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for National Geographic

In Red Wings Land

Krupa: Ken Holland holds reins tightly on Detroit Red Wings’ rebuild - The Detroit News
Krupa comes as close as any digger is going to get to calling out Ken Holland's plan for the Red Wings as not being aggressive enough while also carefully couching such language behind an explanation as to why.

Detroit Red Wings free agency signings: How they grade out
Helene gave letter grades for the three signings and holy cow I thought *I* was being a bit too rah-rah with them, but [SPOILER ALERT] - Helene doesn't give anything worse than an above-average.

Around the League

2018 NHL free agency - Winners and losers from Day 1, including Toronto Maple Leafs, Lou Lamoriello, Gary Bettman, Washington Capitals
Detroit is hardly mentioned, so that's good?

NHL Free Agency 2018: John Tortorella goes on epic rant against Jack Johnson's comments about Blue Jackets culture -
I’m going to resist the temptation to take sides here and just appreciate the drama.