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Quick Hits: Another Dylan Larkin Edition

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Larkin aims to be ‘way better player’ for Red Wings this season |

“I want to be the guy,” Larkin said. “I honestly don’t believe in No. 1 centers in the NHL [in terms of labels]. Who’s the No. 1 center in Toronto? Who’s the No. 1 center in Pittsburgh? You’ve got to have two centers. [But] I want to be the guy that’s out there whether we’re down by a goal and we need to score with a minute left or we’re up by a goal and taking that huge faceoff in your [defensive] zone. So just want to be looked at as that, like Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg have for so long in Detroit.”

The Summer of Larkin continues.

I feel like every week there are at least one or two articles in Quick Hits that focuses on Dylan Larkin ...and the one above is pretty good. I dig that Larkin wants to be ‘the guy.’ I dig a lot of the quotes from him in this article. He had a pretty good third year and seems poised to get even better in season four.

Around the League

Where they stand: Atlantic Division | NBC Sports

Where they stand: They seem slated to be mediocre, but will they be bad enough? Because they’re better off being really bad and landing another premium prospect. Oh yeah, and they should also try to get rid of bad contracts.

The Red Wings will have more points next season than they did last year.