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Quick Hits: The Tavares Epilogue Edition

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Jonathan Bernier to push Jimmy Howard for Red Wings' starting goalie job |
Bernier is saying all the right things about his new contract. It's interesting that Ansar didn't get any quotes from Howard on the concept of being pushed for the starter's spot, but I'm sure he'll get asked that question at some point this summer. Ansar also mentions that if Howard plays well, he'll likely get offered an extension by Detroit. Personally I'd prefer he plays well enough to get traded.

Detroit Red Wings: Veterans important, but so is youth - Detroit Free Press
Just as a fun mental exercise, I want you to take these quotes from Ken Holland and attribute them to a new general manager who hasn't been crushing your ability to believe these words for years just to see how it feels:

“We are trying to transition from older people to younger people,” general manager [name redacted] said Sunday afternoon. “We signed some veteran players because it’s important we have some veterans around our kids, but at the same time, it’s important that those kids get an opportunity. We believe we can make both things happen.”

“We’re going to give a lot of young players a long look in preseason and the plan is, the hope is, to have two or three kids crack our lineup,” [The GM] said. “But they have to be ready. And if they don’t make the roster on opening day, that doesn’t mean they’re not up two weeks later. It’s a six-month season, and lots happens.

“Zadina and Rasmussen were just here at development camp and the message to those players is you have to come in and win a job. We are going to give them every opportunity.”

There are plenty more quotes in there both from and about Vanek, Green, and Bernier. Just read for the quotes, really.

Around the League

Tavares Encyclopedia Epilogue: What I Learned From Two Years in Limbo - Lighthouse Hockey
This is such a heartbreaking story, but it really hit home for me on the importance of fan-blogging and the emotional costs that can be associated with writing your passion like this. Dan did amazing work tracking the Tavares situation as it evolved and had his heart absolutely ripped out on July 1st when his team’s captain left in free agency. If anything is a must-read, I’d call this one it.

NHL - As Slava Voynov attempts to return to the league, questions on league's domestic violence policy or lack thereof
As Slava Voynov eyes a return to the NHL, here's a check-in on his case and the league's stance on domestic violence from Emily Kaplan. It covers a ton of angles from a fact-based standpoint. My personal opinion is he shouldn't be allowed to play and my knowledge of the CBA tells me the league is within their CBA-mandated rights to push a suspension which would make him ineligible (although the NHLPA could get an independent arbitrator to rule, I believe the league would win such an arbitration case).