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Listen to Fer Sure - Episode 29: CJ Turtoro, Matt Barlowe, and Matt Cane, Recorded at RITSAC

Peter and Jay take you around the NHL

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Left to Right: CJ Turtoro, Matt Barlowe, Matt Cane
Photo: @pflynnhockey

Here’s what Peter and Jay have for you this time (all time locations are without the opening ad):

Intro : (00:00 - 01:56) Since Jay couldn’t make it to Rochester, I let him do the entire intro! This special episode consists of two interviews I conducted this past weekend at the RIT Sports Analytics Conference (RITSAC). It was impossible to record in a perfectly quiet spot, so there is a bit of background noise, but I edited the vast majority of it out.

Interview with Matt Cane: (01:56 - 33:39) Our first interview is with Matt Cane. He is best known for his free agent salary model (listed here), but he is a wealth of hockey and stats related knowledge. Jay mentioned that Matt’s presentation was on curling. We talked a little about that, but it was mostly about hockey.

Interview with Matt Barlowe and CJ Turtoro: (33:39 - 1:10:28) Matt and CJ hosted a workshop the first night of RITSAC on Tableau. They are very good at data visualization, in addition to other hockey related topics.

Wrap Up (1:10:28 - END) Here’s where to find our contact info, etc. Thanks for listening to another episode! We have a couple big guests we’ve been working on getting for a while now, and they’ve recently confirmed, so

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