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Quick Hits: The Recall Edition

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NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Uncertainty with Red Wings’ Henrik Zetterberg raises questions | MLive

You can skip the questions and answers about Henrik Zetterberg’s status and Dylan Larkin becoming the next Red Wings captain. There’s nothing new. It’s the same thing we’ve been reading and talking about for the last couple weeks.

The more interesting stuff is Khan(!)’s take on the order of recalls from the Griffins when the inevitable injuries occur this season and his possible projected blue line for 2019-20.

Around the League

Hall of Famer Eric Lindros’ idea to eliminate body contact from NHL should be commended | USA Today

“Let’s get right to it,” Lindros said, according to the National Post. “You talk about me playing. I love hockey and I continue playing hockey. But it’s funny — the hockey I was playing all those years was really physical, and I have just as much fun (these days), but we don’t run into one another. We’re still having as much fun, the same enjoyment of it. We know concussions are down in a league without contact.”

I don’t totally hate this idea, but we are a long, long, long, long way from this ever happening in the NHL.