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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Letters-and-Numbers Edition

Angela Merkel Speaks At CDU Ash Wednesday Gathering Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Welcome to the latest WIIM Radio mailbag. We’ve had a few developments since the last time we saw you, so we’ll jump right into the topics we have on hand for our recording this evening:

The Larkin Deal - Our wonderful home-grown boy signed a pretty good deal to keep him in the fold for the next five years. We’ll go over this from every angle and make sure we haven’t left any stones unturned in terms of what it means for the kid going forward.

The Transition - This will naturally lead us to the talk about Larkin as the next captain and what that means for the current one amid talks that he’s had a rough summer with his back problems.

The Sunset - While we’re at it, Zetterberg isn’t the only old standard who’s facing the end. We’ll go over Nik Kronwall’s twilight and try to place him properly in Red Wings lore.

Top 25 Under 25 - Moving in a totally different direction, we’ve got our T25U25 series running and will go over the bright young stars dawning in our Red Wings galaxy.

The Lineup - How are things shaking out now that all the signings are done and the team is getting ready to go into camp while having to make a bit of cap room to make it work.

Positivity Corner - Here we’ll take a break to talk about what makes us happy because it’s tradition and I like it.

Reader Questions - The real meat of this post: you ask questions for us to answer and we’ll give you the very best responses. Ask away!

We’ll be recording late tonight with the plan for the episode to be out in the morning. Get those questions in and LGRW!