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Quick Hits: The Wright Direction Edition

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2018 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

NHL farm system rankings: No. 7 Detroit Red Wings | The Athletic ($)

It was another slow news day, so here’s another article behind a paywall from The Athletic.

Pretty impressive how far the Red Wings have come in regards to their farm system the last few years. It’s amazing what a couple of high picks will do for you. Credit where credit is due too. Tyler Wright & co had to choose the right players and it appears at the moment that they have. I still think the Wings are a few years away, but it’s exciting to see that they’re moving — at least in the prospect department — in the right direction.

Around the League

TSN Original: Finding Murph

Earlier this week the story of former Red Wings’ 1st overall pick Joe Murphy was promoted by TSN. Here’s the full 15 minute video: