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Zetterberg Talks to Swedish Newspaper: “I Will Miss Camp and the Start of the Season”

Detroit Red Wings v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Henrik Zetterberg talked to Sport Bladet, a Swedish sports newspaper. Unfortunately for Detroit fans hoping to see Zetterberg this season, he cast an even darker shadow on those hopes than did Jeff Blashill a few days ago.

Here is the full article

Thanks to the help of Patrik Bexell, we have actual translations for the Zetterberg quotes, which follow:

“I haven’t been able to practice as usual during summer, so I will miss camp and the start of the season”

“At the moment I am doing rehab here in Detroit”

“It is nothing good with my back, since the operation I made back in 2014 after the Olympics it has been problems”

It really started to hurt during last season, I felt sometime during February that not everything was okay. We made the decision that I would stop practicing and only play the games, thats how I managed to finish the season”

Again, this looks really bad for the prospects of seeing the current Detroit captain play again in the NHL.

The only silver lining is this quote:

“I feel okay in my everyday life, it is when I work out at practice that it hurts to much.”

At the very least, it sounds like this injury will not greatly impact Zetterberg’s post-retirement quality of life.