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Quick Hits: The Dark Future Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Things look awfully grim for the Detroit Red Wings | Yahoo!

Zetterberg’s inability to play next season not only assures they’re going to be bad, but that they could be near-historically terrible. This is the cost of drafting both late and poorly for much of the 2010s, as well as trading away picks on a regular basis in pursuit of keeping The Streak going.

I don’t necessarily disagree with this take here. Despite his age and back issues, the Red Wings are going to sorely miss Henrik Zetterberg in the lineup every night. Of course, I highly doubt they have a historically bad season like the author suggests.

Signs point to Henrik Zetterberg’s Detroit Red Wings career being over | Freep

Speaking of Zetterberg... it’s all but official that he’s done for good.

Around the League

Tyler Seguin ‘disappointed’ in lack of contract talks with Stars | Sportsnet

I, however, am very happy with the lack of contract talks between Tyler Seguin and the Stars. Ken Holland and the Red Wings should be all in on Seguin if he reaches free agency next offseason. They’re going to need a 1st line center to replace Zetterberg.