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Quick Hits: The Spicy Meatball Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Talk with Blashill sparked Mantha to become different player | Detroit News

“With Anthony, I just want him to continue to see that there’s more there in terms of pushing himself beyond his comfort level,” said Blashill, who suggested Mantha take up boxing this summer to aid in Mantha’s aggression and conditioning. “I’m hoping that summer training can push himself beyond his comfort level.

“If he comes back and has the same year next year that he had this year, it’s not good enough. We need guys to make significant steps. There were teams in this league that were out (of the playoffs) and this year (were) in, and if you look at it, certain individual players made real significant steps.

My not-so-bold prediction is that Anthony Mantha will score at least 30 goals next season.

Around the League

While we wait for Dylan Larkin to sign his new deal with the Red Wings, a few teams took care of their own business.

Golden Knights agree to terms with Karlsson | TSN

Not bad.

Ducks sign Gibson to 8-year extension | TSN

No thanks.