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Quick Hits: The Clock is Ticking Edition

Chicago Black Hawks v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin updates contract talks: ‘Something’s coming’ | Sportsnet

We got some new Dylan Larkin quotes about his contract negotiations with the Red Wings.

“I’ve told everyone I think it’ll be before training camp. It’s right there. I’m just waiting to iron out the details.”

That’s cool. I don’t think anyone should be concerned that we’ve gotten this far into the offseason and he still hasn’t signed a new deal.

“That’s a pretty good honour — they’re showing a long-term commitment to you — but there are different offers out there, whether it’s a short-term bridge deal or a long-term deal,” Larkin said.

But should we be concerned if Larkin only signs a bridge deal instead of going long-term?

Around the League

How to improve restricted free agency | ESPN

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