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Quick Hits: The Steve Yzerman Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Noah Graham/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Steve Yzerman Is Leaving Tampa And Hell Yeah Motherfucker He Is Definitely Coming To Detroit | Deadspin

Of course, you can take “going home” 100 percent literally and just assume Yzerman means he wants to chill out in Bloomfield Hills and eat square pizza with his family. But I’m so freaking ready for meaningful Red Wings hockey again that I don’t give a shit. The fans want him back. The Red Wings have an “internal appetite” to evolve the front office. Yzerman has done nothing to indicate that he doesn’t want to be Detroit’s new GM. I’m buying a brand new Yzerman jersey and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Kyle nailed it.

Next offseason, Ken Holland will step away and go run the Seattle Kraken/Sea Lions/Sockeye and Steve Yzerman will take over the Red Wings. Yzerman’s first big move will be to draft Jack Hughes with the 1st overall pick. His next big move will be to sign Erik Karlsson on July 1 after he hits free agency.

Red Wings win the 2019-20 Stanley Cup championship.

Around the League More Red Wings

Not cool.

Filip Zadina would return later in the 3rd period. Givani Smith (2) and Dennis Cholowski were your goal scorers in the game. Kyle has gifs of all the goals on his Twitter timeline.