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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Leaders Edition

The Price Of UK Postage Stamps Set To Increase Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Welcome to the latest WIIM Radio mailbag! The plan is to record the new episode late tonight and have it ready for your ears and rears tomorrow morning. We have quite a bit to talk about since our last episode and getting ready for the season to start. Here’s the rundown:

The Captain Isn’t Returning - Henrik Zetterberg’s back finally refused to carry the Wings any more and it’s now appropriate to eulogize his fantastic career. We’ll talk what he meant to us and going forward.

The Captain is Returning - Steve Yzerman stepped down as Tampa’s GM and hoo boy is there some smoke there in terms of his future with Detroit. Let’s get excited!

The Turn Re: Captain - How long before Dylan Larkin gets the C? What’s going on with the youth movement? How’s the team looking so far? We’ll cover the actual team we expect to see on the ice for 2018-19.

Leading the Way out of Town - We’ll take a quick look around the league at the stories that interest us... like Erik Karlsson’s trade or the ugly Jets jerseys recently released. Whatever goes!

Positivity Corner - We’re going to need this a lot this season; might as well start early.

Reader Questions - Everybody’s favorite part, where you ask questions in the comments that you want the best answers to and then I give them (while other people talk too). If we haven’t covered your question already in the episode, we’ll get to it here.

Go ahead and get your questions in before too late tonight and look forward to the new episode dropping in the morning. Thanks and LGRW!