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Quick Hits: The Fortnite Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Niklas Kronwall has always led; now it’s more important | Detroit News

It’s not a strategy, but I hope Niklas Kronwall has a great final season. He’s one of the last players remaining from the Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup championship team and I’d love to see him go out with a solid performance. Kronwall was such a dominate second pairing defenseman for such a long time. It’s a bummer that he lived in the shadow of Nicklas Lidstrom for most of his career and probably doesn’t get the true respect he deserves (outside of Detroit). Kronwall was an outstanding player and should be remember as such when all is said and done for him.

Around the League

Weekly Reader: Fortnite and the NHL player, and a Senatorial flub | ESPN

I don’t get the whole Fortnite thing. I’ve never played it and I was always terrible at GoldenEye on N64 and Halo on XBox. These days, outside of Madden, WWE and the NHL video games, I don’t really venture too much into anything else (although I do want to get the new Spider-Man PS4 game).

If NHL players want to play a lot of Fortnite or whatever video games their hearts desire... go for it. I have to imagine that’s better than spending all night at the bar getting smashed.