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An Identification Guide to the 9 Types of Hockey Fans

What kind of fan are you?

Tampa Bay Lightning v Detroit Red Wings - Game Three Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Red Wings hockey is back...well, there are guys wearing Red Wings outfits who are skating around doing hockey things at least.

As we stare down the barrel of another season where we are expected to enjoy the view from the bottom of the standings, it’s the perfect time to reflect and figure out just what kind of fan you are. What do YOU do when a team goes bad and you have to make your own fun?

Well friends, I’m here to help! You’ve probably seen memes upon memes with character alignment grids, but allow me to present the meme in long form. Take a look, try on some descriptions, and see which one fits you best.

The Good

Lawful Good

Motto: You dare impugn the honor of this great and noble fan base?

You’re the fan police, but in (what you consider) a good way. You’re out there every day monitoring the fanbase for some of the characters I’ll talk about later to make sure they don’t tarnish the reputation of the organ-i-zation with their tomfoolery.

You will go through official platform channels to report any perceived misbehavior and file complaints (e.g. smashing that report tweet button) rather than stoop to direct attacks. Once an apology or punishment is issued, or when someone has stopped responding, you back off and the incident is laid to rest.

Neutral Good

Motto: Can everyone just chill for like two seconds?

You’re not looking for conversations to get involved in, but you have no problem snarking when challenged. Like Lawful Good, you are quick to let bygones be bygones and can easily converse with people you disagree with. Your our interactions are usually positive as most people find you a pleasant person to chat with.

You haven’t gotten into many fights with opposing fans, and you don’t really care if your fellows crap all over the team as long as they are just whining and aren’t @’ing anyone in a malicious manner. If you get dragged into a comment thread, you’ll stay and fight to help your fellows even if it gets you reported.

Chaotic Good

Motto: Whatever, they started it.

You do what you want to do, probably swear up a storm, but who cares what admins think and getting kicked out of the conversation just means you won.

You’re often found arguing with other fanbases if you see a fellow Wings fan getting circled by the opposition. Doesn’t matter if they’re your friend or not, they’re part of the community and you have some great zingers lined up.

You’ve found yourself in Twitter jail a time or twelve, but you always jump right back into the ring for another go at whichever fanbase has their jimmies rustled. You stir the pot, you admit it, and you have no intention of stopping.

The Neutral

Lawful Neutral

Motto: Well actually, according to the NHL rulebook...

You like to talk about the exact wording of rules and probably understand fancy stats. Goaltender interference is your Freebird. Coaches challenge? You’ve got your fingers hovering over the keys, watching every micro expression on every face waiting for that ruling.

You know in your heart that no one is perfect, and that your team often deserves the penalties handed down. You’ll argue with your own fanbase and with others, but it’s never personal, you’re here to teach.

True Neutral

Motto: No hard feelings, bro.

You appreciate good plays when the other team makes them, you recognize the flaws in your own team and can look at penalties with an unbiased eye. You love your team and your fans, but you don’t really hold grudges against other teams. That was then, this is now, let it go and enjoy the present.

You find the most zealous fans of your team really annoying, and aren’t going to sit around and get preached to about how you should always be optimistic OR how everything sucks so stop smiling.

You like a little bit of everything as far as personalities so your circle is a healthy mix of optimists and pessimists and you are a good facilitator for discussions where people disagree.

Chaotic Neutral

Motto: Who died and made you the fan police?

You cheer for multiple teams, rivalries don’t matter to you. You’ll follow your favorite player anywhere they go, even to a team the rest of the fanbase despises. You’re no stranger to bandwagons, you have your primary loyalty but that’s no reason not to enjoy another ride for a while.

You’d really prefer it if people would untag you from this thread you stopped responding to 12 posts ago and you never cared about to begin with. You don’t ever angst over blocking someone, if they’re being annoying then bye you have 100 better things to do than listen to drivel.

The Evil

Lawful Evil

Motto: You’re dead to me and a shame to your ancestors.

You take rivalries extremely seriously and will police the actions of the Wings fanbase to make sure no one is showing a drop of respect or care for another team.

You know the Winged Wheel is the greatest team in the past, present, and future of sports and have no problem digging up dirt on anyone that argues otherwise. You probably read a few blogs, if only to know what other people are saying about your team in case you need to counter it.

You may even produce content for a blog or podcast to give additional weight to your brand of fandom and help build a loyal community that will have your back.



Neutral Evil

Motto: I gained 12 followers this week, automatically checked with…

You’ll team up with accounts to defeat the opposing fan base only to turn on them for what you see as their idiotic opinions about the Wings. You follow and unfollow accounts depending on how influential they are and how likely they are to take your side.

You crave recognition and to be seen as an influencer, you want your enemies to fear you and your friends...well, you have no friends. They think they’re your friends, but they’re just pawns in your quest for internet domination.

You think Henrik Zetterberg is overrated, but you also hate every other player on every team for one reason or another.

Chaotic Evil

Motto: You can’t stop me, and you can’t even hope to contain me.

You’re a troll and you love it. You enjoy attacking your own fan base along with others without mercy. It doesn’t matter what you actually think about the situation, what matters is how can you make people Mad Online the fastest?

You’re not one to let a little thing like being banned from a platform stop you. You may have made multiple accounts to continue your attack with dummy email accounts, you live in people’s heads rent free, and everyone hates you.

But who cares?

You just want to watch the world burn and the Wings aren’t doing it fast enough on their own.

Did any of these descriptions speak to you? Let us know what kind of fan YOU are!

...and as always, LET’S GO RED WINGS!


What’s your alignment as a hockey fan?

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  • 30%
    Neutral Good
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  • 5%
    Chaotic Good
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  • 9%
    Lawful Neutral
    (37 votes)
  • 38%
    True Neutral
    (146 votes)
  • 4%
    Chaotic Neutral
    (16 votes)
  • 5%
    Lawful Evil
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    Chaotic Evil
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