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Quick Hits: The Suspension of Disbelief Edition

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Henrik Zetterberg's Red Wings career full of memorable moments - Freep
Holy shit they're eulogizing him. I really debated using this story because it's basically pointing at what I think is a train wreck of a decision and therefore driving clicks to it, but I'm just kind of in awe that we're at the point of eulogizing Henrik Zetterberg's career (any more than we all have been lately anyway).

Red Wings' Dylan Larkin poised to lead on, off ice |
This milquetoast season preview is kind of the only other Wings' related thing out there right now, so it's why I even included that Freep story.

Around the League

Vegas defenseman Nate Schmidt suspended 20 games for violating league’s substance policy - Knights On Ice
It's still unclear what the substance is (which is by design) and that leaves a whole realm of possibilities about how it could have ended up in Schmidt's test. I understand that there's a whole realm of possibilities here and that ultimately, the player is responsible for what goes into his body, but I also know I don't personally hold people who suffer from mesothelioma to that same kind of judgment at the end of the day. I personally lean more towards believing Schmidt, but I can't really offer a terribly convincing reason why you should have to agree with me.