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Quick Hits: The Hockey is Back Edition

Minnesota Wild v Detroit Red Wings

In Red Wings Land

By the Numbers Prospects: Evgeny Svechnikov - RedWings.Com
The official Wings site profiles Svech and even with the tilt of being from the official Wings site, they have to address that this is a pretty damn big year for the kid in terms of make-or-break. I do like this snippet from a much more-complete quote included from Ben Simon:

"What I do know is Svech works way too hard and cares way too much to let that slide continue. He's a tremendous character player, he works extremely hard and if there is anyone who can dig himself out of that quote unquote hole he was in, it's going to be him. I saw him at the draft and he's looking great, he's working hard, he's excited to get back to work. He's excited about the opportunity of this year." - Ben Simon, Grand Rapids Griffins head coach

Around the League

Tradition aside, do modern NHL teams still need captains? | The Star
Relevant to the Wings this season, it seems.