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Key Play Breakdown: 13 seconds in

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

It took me longer to embed this video than it took for the Jets to open the scoring against Detroit on Friday night in the Wings’ 4-2 loss to Winnipeg.

The Setup

We start with Luke Glendening losing the game’s opening faceoff and Tanev dumping the puck into the Wings’ zone where Bernier stops it for Ericsson swinging around to pick it up. The Wings’ defender is pressured by Matheiu Perreault and he misplays the puck, allowing Perrault to cut him off and take the puck away. Glendening pops down to help, but Perrault uses that as an opportunity to pass it to Adam Lowry jumping down the right wing boards to help.

The Finish

Lowry pulls it off the boards and angles to the net, dragging the defense with him. This leaves Tanev uncovered on the back door; Lowry finds him with a pass and he goes skate-to-stick before roofing it.

The Blame Game

Darren Helm is only getting mentioned here because he was on the ice. Unfair for him to get a minus here. Andreas Athanasiou is almost completely blameworthy, but you can see he could have more-aggressively attacked Tanev had he noticed sooner that he was getting that wide open (to be clear, his job is to cover the high point, not the back door. Tanev isn’t his man, but he’s close enough where a different read gives him a chance to stop the play).

Responsibility to cover Tanev falls on Filip Hronek, who gets lost in no-man’s land when Lowry jumps at the net. He needs to recognize much quicker that he’s got to close that passing lane and he doesn’t.

Luke Glendening losing the opening faceoff and then failing to defeat the pass from Perrault to Lowry is a plenty-blameworthy culprit on this play too.

Finally, Jonathan Ericsson turning the puck over and then being late back to the net-front area (which is part of why Hronek got frozen on the Lowry play) is my biggest goat on this play. It’s not ALL his fault, but if we’re going by internet rules where I’m apparently only allowed to blame one person at a time for things, then he’d be my pick.