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Quick Hits: The Bonus Content Edition

2012 Tim Hortons NHL All-Star Game

In Red Wings Land

Erik Jones hits the ice with Detroit Red Wings, embraces the chill before Daytona |

Jones showed off a new Detroit jersey with No. 20, matching his car number with Joe Gibbs Racing. Red Wings players received replica racing helmets as part of the gift exchange.

“Every sport’s different and it’s neat to see how each one operates,” said Jones, who did his part to cross-promote NASCAR’s two stops this season at Michigan International Speedway. “I’ve had a chance to be around some football teams and I’ve had some chance to be around some baseball players, but never really hockey. Down in North Carolina, they don’t have a lot of hockey going on, so I get to come back to Michigan and see that. It’s cool to see their process and how they prepare.”

I’m not sure what kind of Red Wings fans here at WIIM are also NASCAR fans... but if you’re out there, this one is for you.

Bonus Content

And for the Red Wings fans here at WIIM who are also big jersey fans... this one is for you. These Grand Rapids Griffins jerseys are excellent.

Aaaaaand for the Red Wings fans who are also big trade deadline fans... this one is for you.

Niyo: Will trade deadline spell Jimmy Howard’s end as Red Wing? | The Detroit News

“With the trade deadline coming up here, it’s pretty much wait-and-see,” Howard said. “There’s always a chance, I guess. I’ve been through this a couple times. But you just can’t think about it, until it actually happens.

“It’d be an absolute honor to finish my career here. Like I’ve said, this is home. This is where the kids were born, and I feel like I belong here, and so does my wife. So this is the place where we want to be and there’s really no other place we really want to go.”

Around the League

Russian wingers top TSN’s ranking of NHL-affiliated prospects | TSN

There’s only one Red Wings player on this list. I’m sure you can guess who it is.