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Quick Hits: The Speed Edition

Calgary Flames v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Friedman wonders about Athanasiou for Oilers - Nichols on Hockey (via 31 Thoughts Podcast)

We talked about this at-length in yesterday’s Quick Hits, but boy do people love trade speculation.

“The relationship between Athanasiou and the Red Wings has never really been easy, but Ken Holland strikes me as looking at that situation and saying, ‘He’s still a very valuable young player and we’re not really looking to do anything if we don’t have to.’

Around the League

Stars Will Face Predators In Winter Classic 2020 - Defending Big D

Honestly I like this idea so much that I might drive down and attend this one. The NHL also announced that the Avs will host the Kings in a Stadium Series game at the Air Force Academy and I think it’s crap that they’re not hosting the Jets.