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Quick Hits: The Michigan–Ohio War Edition

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Development arrives for Red Wings before victories | The Detroit News

Solid work as always by Krupa, but the real story is a sad one.

Thanks for the coverage, Gregg. Always appreciated that he was the only Red Wings writer in town that would actually interact with the fans. Good luck on the metro desk. The Wings beat is worse off without you.

Around the League

The NHL is run by the young guys -- can the 30-somethings keep up? | ESPN

Ohio Stadium

Talk about your iconic venues. The Columbus Blue Jackets aren’t exactly a national draw, but the Detroit Red Wings are. Michigan vs. the the state of Ohio, at the Horseshoe. The thing sells itself.

In addition to the headline, Wyshynski gives five places he believes the NHL should take the Winter Classic to in the future. I could get behind a game pitting the state of Michigan against the state of Ohio. Let’s make it a throwback and raise the stakes... whomever wins gets Toledo.