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Game Updates: Capitals at Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings v Washington Capitals Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Red Wings Updates

Capitals Updates

Three Keys to the Game

Tyler Bertuzzi needs to get going again. Bert hasn’t exactly been playing poorly lately; he’s actually been doing a lot of the small things right. But he also hasn’t seen the results on the scoreboard too much since November. Getting a goal tonight would be a huge confidence boost for a guy who may need it, and it doubles as a solid reward for a guy who’s kept on grinding away through the tough times this season.

Forecheck hard. We’ve seen this illustrated every time the Caps have played the Wings the last few seasons: the Caps are just a heavier team than the Wings. They’re tough to knock off the puck. One solution is to give the Caps fits with our pesky speedsters pressuring them deep in their zone; it’s how the Wings have found limited success against the Caps lately, so go with what works.

Win us some curly fries! The team who scores three goals first is usually the team that wins in today’s NHL. Detroit’s offensive troubles this season have been born out of many factors, but one is inconsistency of offensive pressure throughout the line up. It can’t all be Dylan Larkin and his line; I’m calling for a Bertuzzi goal and uh (thinks hard about arbitrary goal scorer) a De la Rose goal tonight in addition to whatever Larkin nets.