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Listen to Fer Sure - Episode 39: Ryan Stimson

Peter and Jay take you around the NHL and beyond

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Here’s what Peter and Jay have for you this time (all time locations are without the opening ad):

Winter Classic: (00:00 - 11:56) The game has come and gone. We talk a little about the game, and more about why it has lost its luster.

All-Star: (11:56 - 26:59) The All Star rosters were announced, along with a new twist that allows fans to vote for one more player for each division. We talk about why the All Star game needs to be re-imagined.

Interview: (26:59 - 1:10:54) We talk to Ryan Stimson, who has a new book out called Tape to Space: Redefining Modern Hockey Tactics. We talked a little about Buffalo, since Ryan covers them for The Athletic Buffalo, then talk a lot about his new book.

World Juniors: (1:10:54 - 1:22:23) When we recorded this, the medals had not yet been decided. We took a quick look at the tournament.

Quick Hits: (1:22:23 - End) We talk a little bit about an NHL 19 update, Carolina’s Storm Surge, and Greg Kruppa leaving the Red Wings beat.

If you are using a podcast app, you can find both this podcast and WIIM Radio (our podcast devoted to the Red Wings) in the same channel - Winging it in Motown. As of right now, you can’t find it on Google Play, but an app like Stitcher should work if you use an Android device for your podcast listening.

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