Ken Holland addresses Franzen story

During a press conference on Tuesday Ken Holland addressed the Franzen story. He went into some detail about Babcock, Franzen and the comments made by Chris Chelios. He directly contradicted Chelios' version of events, denied some other stories in the media and spoke in general about the realtionship between players, coaches and the importance of respect.

Holland was immediately given a pointed question at the start of the press gathering when asked whether he was ever aware of Mike Babcock treating anyone inappropriately and Holland responded with a clear "no". Holland later reiterated " was I aware that there was some unhappiness, yeah , yeah, but I think there's always going to be unhappiness no matter what your style is". He explained that it was his job of GM to be aware of everything and that for the most part he was aware of everything. Holland said he had an open door policy for the players, was often in the locker room and received reports from the doctors, trainers and coaches. However he did explain that he didn't interfere with meetings between coaches and players. He said he wasn't aware of everything that happened in those meetings. Holland was also asked if the story about a group of Swedish players coming to him for a meeting about Franzen was true, again he said "no".

Holland described Babcock's relationship with his players as typical "There were some players in that locker room that didn't like the coach, there were some players in that locker room that didn't have feelings either way and I know there were some players in that locker room that thought he was the best coach they've ever played for". Holland continued " some people are gonna like you, some people aren't" Holland said the type of complaints he received about Babcock were the same type of complaints he heard as a player and with other coaches he worked with.

Holland addressed the comments by Chris Chelios and said his timeline of events was incorrect. Chelios said Holland was aware of the confrontation between Franzen and Babcock and described Holland's comments to the team the next day. While Holland admitted both things happened he claimed they occurred 5 or 6 years apart. Holland said his comments to the team, that Chelios described, happened in 06/07 and the Franzen Babcock confrontation happened in 2012.

While Holland took the time to defend himself and clarify the facts he emphasized the importance of respect. He said "there's that fine line between trying to push people to make us better individually, to make us better as a group and obviously you have to be on the right side. I think the most important thing is respect...respect is the most important thing in the game".

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