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Quick Hits: The Above & Beyond Edition

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Dylan Larkin remains Detroit Red Wings’ brightest star in dark season | Freep

Their effort lacked after the last two periods. That’s what mattered to Larkin. Asked about his own play this season, Larkin’s first instinct was to fault his play against the Sabres

“I wasn’t nearly good enough,” he said. “There is still the next level for me. Do I know what that is? Do I know how to get there? No, because if I did, I would be there. I do think as my career has gone along I’ve built confidence and become a more well-rounded player, but I do still think there is a long way to go.”

Dylan Larkin’s progress continues to be the highlight of the season.

Around the League

Jonah Gore: The Courage To Watch | Sportsnet

This is such a great story about a kid with autism attending his first ever NHL game. Apparently, the Red Wings worked with a group called Culture City Kids to make Little Caesar’s Arena certified as sensory inclusive. Both full-and-part time staff are trained to recognize and help guests with sensory needs. It’s cool to see the organization, Larkin and Niklas Kronwall go above and beyond.