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Quick Hits: The Waiting Game Edition

NHL General Managers Media Opp Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Report: Red Wings GM Holland waiting until final moments of trade deadline | WDIV

Friedman said during his podcast Thursday that Holland did a good job of waiting everyone down to the deadline last year when he swung Tomas Tatar for 1st, 2,d and 3rd-round draft picks from the Vegas Golden Knights. That’s the same strategy he could be using this season.

”I’ve been told that’s what Ken Holland is going to do. He is going to keep it tight, wait it down and see who gets desperate and see if he can take advantage of anybody,” said Friedman. “Holland, it serves him well to wait after what he got for Tatar.”

So what you’re saying is that Red Wings fans don’t have to worry about anything or check twitter until like 2:30p ET or so on Monday? Sounds good to me.

Around the League

NHL trade-asset tiers: Buyer’s guide to the 2019 deadline | ESPN

There are tons of ‘everything you need to know’ articles out there to get you ready for the NHL trade deadline. This one is pretty solid with tons of names, numbers and info for every position.