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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Pirelli Punt Edition

F1 Winter Testing In Barcelona - Day Four Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Welcome to the newest WIIM Radio mailbag! We’re out of the All-Star Break and into the final...err... “half” of the season now and the Red Wings still aren’t in a playoff position, but we’ve got plenty to discuss about that. Here’s a rundown of the topics we’ll get into:

How to Finish Out the Season: With the trade deadline mere weeks away and the Wings not looking like they’re going to magically crawl into contention prior to February 25th, what do we want to see out of this team in the short run to March, the medium run to April, and the longer run to 2019-20 and beyond? We’ll talk about how we’d like to see the roster con/destructed from here on out and what we want to see out of the kids, the vets, and the front office.

Looking Around the League: Auston Matthews just got a big contract that’s surprisingly not-at-all team friendly and that’s going to set the market for a bunch of things to happen going forward. Some of them might bring us joy, even. Elsewhere, the West is bad, The Hawks getting Hughes would be infuriating, and we’ll take a quick gander at who our contenders and pretenders are as we near the postseason.

Extra Rant Time: I don’t know what we’re going to use this for, but rest-assured I’ll probably be ranting at some point.

Reader Questions: Here’s the good part - you ask your questions in the comments below and we’ll go over each one that hasn’t already been answered. I know you folks always come up with such great ones for these episodes so do us proud!

Predictions! The Wings will be playing a few more games in the coming week and us resident geniuses will tell you EXACTLY how they’re going to go.

We’ll be recording late on Wednesday evening with the plan being for the episode to hit early Thursday morning. Go ahead and get your questions in today. Thanks and LGRW!

[Quick Site Note: Peter’s PP article, regularly scheduled for Wednesdays, will be delayed until tomorrow. Stay tuned for that!]