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Quick Hits: The NHL Experience for Zadina Edition

NHL: NHL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings will entertain trade offers for veterans, GM says |

On whether Zadina will come up from Grand Rapids of the American Hockey League down the stretch:

”We’re going to give Zadina a little bit of an opportunity in March. I want him or the young players to see what the NHL is all about, so as they head into the offseason [they know what they need to work on]. I think a young player can really improve in the gym between June and August.

Ken Holland says a lot of things in his chat with Nick Cotsonika that actually make me feel better than I did a few days ago about the upcoming NHL trade deadline. My biggest takeaway from the interview, however, is the fact that it appears we’ll get to see Filip Zadina suit up for the Red Wings next month.

It’ll be an nice preview of what Zadina is capable of while playing with and against the best players in the world. I’d love to see him take the ice next to Dylan Larkin. Let’s see what those two can do together.

One thing we all pretty much know is that Zadina’s cup of coffee in the NHL will be nine games or less. If he hits the 10 game mark, it burns a year off his entry-level contract and he’ll no longer be exempt from Seattle expansion draft.

Around the League

WATCH: ‘GOALIE’ brings Red Wings legend Terry Sawchuk’s career, life to the big screen | MI Hockey

Not sure how many U.S. theaters will carry this movie, but I’d sure as hell love to see it.